Ночной режим / Night mode

Everyone has probably heard of such a program for photo editing like Adobe Photoshop, but not everyone can work in it. That is why we start with the basics – toolbars for this wonderful program. Today we will look at real examples such tools as Move Tool and Rectangular Marquee Tool, a little pick tool Horizontal Type Tool and its settings.

To begin with, take 2 different pictures, to connect them together. Let it be a beautiful girl – in the future we will do a photo Collage of the 2 pictures.

To the bottom layer (with the girl on the background stars) used one of the filters group Blur, and on the toolbar, looking for useful and the most common tool called Move Tool.

Drag the first image with the help of this tool the second photo with the girl with flowing hair. Let’s create a box around the newly created layer. To do this, go to menu Blending Options and a custom frame. Go to the menu you can just clicking on the layer with the right mouse button and selecting the appropriate item.

You can move the top layer at any time by using the same tool Move Tool.

In the settings tool, you can specify different settings, and the settings panel is located in the top of the program (choosing the tool). So, we can tick control the auto select layer or group of layers, as well as set the visibility of the control transformation layer.

In addition, in the context menu you can apply a new set of tools, to select the clearance, sorting, etc.

Select the next tool called Rectangular Marquee Tool.

You can see a few items of choice is the rectangular and oval selection, and horizontal and vertical line. On the right side shows the shortcuts for each tool.

Create a new layer with CTRL + J.

The created layer will be intended for text, but rather to highlight and accentuate.

Take the tool is the Gradient Tool and fill the selection with ALT + Backspace (fill foreground color background) or CTRL + Backspace (fill with background color).

In the settings tool, you can specify the fill and gradient, its blending mode, etc.

In order to use the gradient, you need to hold the mouse from top to bottom or Vice versa in a selected area of photography.

I chose the 5 option of the gradient of the account from the standard set.

Now to copy and paste already prepared the effect of our framework, go to the menu Blending Options and select Copy Layer Style.

Then select the topmost layer and press the right mouse button on it. Select Paste Layer Style.

Received the following:

Add some text in the newly created top layer. To do this, take the tool Horizontal Type Tool.

Write the word “Portfolio” to highlight the General background of the label.

Then do lots of pizzazz through the use of additional filters and select a different font.

Learn more about editing text in Photoshop read here.

Got this picture: