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Accessories for photo Studio – 01. Motorized slider

Моторизированный слайдер

Today we talk about the motorized slider and for which it is designed. First of all, I would like to note that this tool will allow you to not worry about camera shake and constant control over the technology of photography during long sessions. Also it is possible to remove the object from several positions simultaneously, but more on that later…
Моторизированный слайдер

Even if you are not a professional photographer, you probably like smooth transitions between frames of film or video. It is for this purpose and created a device that allows you to film and photograph events for several consecutive frames. The video looks very smooth, and the picture really alive.
Now more specifically about the goals – someone who takes pictures for quality display of their products in the online store, and someone takes timelapse to increase the number of shots and to reduce camera shake. It is also possible to work on a series of images for design that rotates 360 degrees.
High quality videos are done solely by professionals!

Data photo accessories are of several types – for burst in the horizontal direction and an oblique view. You can measure the angle, set the time of passage of a cycle and more. All options and characteristics, as well as of the possibility of such a motorized slider depends on the cost and tasks.
Synchronization provides a powerful module that is activated via a special key or a remote control.
In the video presented technique of self-Assembly of the accessory – so you can save on the purchase. If you need quickly for a fraction of the cost to purchase a quality motorized slider, then click on the link below.


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