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How is Moscow worse than Peter – let’s see?

Москва хуже

Decided to write this post about how and why it is real Moscow is worse than Peter (although I am not delighted with St. Petersburg). Of course, all further items can be challenged and they are purely subjective, but I will give quite specific examples with argumentation of the facts, not like “I’m the boss, you’re a fool” (this is for you at the Moscow firm “Multistrach”). So, we disassemble by points adequately, than Peter is better than Moscow!

In Moscow, bans have been imposed in connection with coronavirus several times in a row, while sitting locked up at home for people over 65 – imagine how hard it is and causes wild discomfort! For the older generation to go for a walk is a matter of course, and if you take into account the fact of the impact of direct communication with other people on mental health, it becomes clear that such bans will simply kill the old people.

Besides, it is difficult for the elderly to be in the four walls with their grandchildren, children, and even more so to be alone with them – who will treat them NOT for coronavirus, I think the answer is rhetorical. The most “funny” or sad moment for me personally was the transfer of employees over 65 years old to remote work! This thrash is simple – start-up freelancers – a new activity one by one. Those who come up with such rules in general know what they do? Old people can’t send some sms, and they send them to do full work from home for a computer… here without any comments.


And even if we remove the situation with this disease of modern society, which affects life more in large cities like Peter and Moscow, then in general it is difficult to be in a stuffy city with a bunch of cars standing in traffic, moving between bicycles delivery service. This applies to older people, as well as anyone else. You can imagine that you are fined for being recommended to be in a “box”, while wearing a virtually useless virus remedy – a mask and gloves (which are also a source of carrying the virus bacteria), and in case of improper disposal and storage, exploitation – which are even more contagious than their absence. You just have to go to the store wearing protective suits if you don’t believe that masks won’t help in this case.

Let’s go back to Peter – prohibitions apply here too, and the mortality rate from coronavirus is even higher than in the same capital. But! Peter is first of all famous for his culture and the same places of rest (and now there is nowhere to go, and with the same salary…), terrible weather (Moscow is not far and sometimes there are also very bad days), low wages compared to the same M.City.


In short, Peter is more of a city for those who like sharp hemorrhoids on their ass, and Moscow is more of a city for people who prefer to sell their soul to the devil for money, tolerating the ubiquitous cameras (will soon be installed in the “jerks” of your city).

So what exactly is worse in Moscow?

Everything is simple – so many stupid people from the regions of our vast country, accustomed to not doing anything, gathered there, that it becomes terrible for the future of other people, accustomed to think with their heads and not with their asses from Adygea (again, the reference to “Multistrach”). So very soon, in addition to bans, we will have a specific ass in the form of the fall of the ruble! What has already happened … As well as the closure of previously seemingly profitable businesses: tourism, banking, hotel business, etc. Moscow, having got used to carrying money from other cities, will soon realize that the people now save on everything, so they will not get a serious enough amount of money in their budget, and as a result will not give “money” and Peter. Yes, who doesn’t know yet, St. Petersburg is just a pathetic branch of Moscow City, which, by the way, has little to do with culture (recent events with dismembering have proven this).

What’s with Peter?

Peter – it’s really a swamp, but beautifully decorated, so that visitors admire the beauty of buildings and the roof built for billions of rubles Zenit Arena. If you are serious, then walk through the center of the “cultural” capital, and you will find everywhere dirt, homeless and deceitful tourists. And going a little further than the city itself, in the Leningrad region, you will also find poverty, along with old rotting hibars and miserable wages. In St. Petersburg, by the way, the salaries are good only in Moscow offices, and then the heads.

Is it that bad?

No, of course, not as bad as in the regions, but! if you suddenly think that it’s time to get out of your rotten city to Moscow or Peter, think about the fact that you have to put up with a bunch of shit, which still splashes out of these cities in the form: deception of visitors, high commissions of real estate agents, huge sums of money to rent a house, deceit many offices to pay the promised salary, traffic jams from cars, a trip to work about 1-1. 5 hours one way and many other “advantages” of big cities, for example, crazy prices for housing in the anthill or jalupa from under the old grandmother. If you eat with the thought of self-development, then yes, it is present here, but, given that the Internet is now almost everywhere – you can do it in Uryupinsk!