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How very easy it is to insert a module in Joomla 2.5 article

вставить модуль в статью

Today we will learn how to install the module in any position of the material of the Joomla CMS system. In addition, we will understand for yourself exactly how the system worked and how easy it is configured.
вставить модуль в статью Joomla 2.5

So, to get started, go to module Manager. Here for example, you can take absolutely any module.
Suppose that we need to put the module display information about how much now at the moment visitors to our website. To do this, create this module, which comes standard with Joomla.
In selecting the position indicated record, which will be denoted the place where you plan to install your module. For example, it will be adbottom, i.e. the bottom of the page.
Then save and publish the module. Now go into the material in which it is planned to accommodate our expansion, and at the end of the article write the following WITHOUT SPACES:
{ loadposition adbottom ]
This will mean that we loadable module name adbottom.