Ночной режим / Night mode

Speech will go today about how you can create a mobile version of the website built on the CMS Joomla.


First, we need to go to the address and click on the label Get Started – Build Your Site.
Then click on the button Make my site mobile, and then find ourselves in a new tab.
It just starts configuring our site for mobile version.
In the first paragraph, select the format display items such as menus, color palette.
Click Next, and proceed to the second part of the configuration – Edit site. Here we can determine which page elements you can remove and which to add. For example, you have the opportunity to add to the page advertising from google adsense, html form, or a slider.
Now go to the tab Save site and maintain our project.
Go to advanced settings.
Once you have a website at:
you can change it just by making a few settings from your hosting provider.
For this you need to make an entry in DNS that will be offered after you save the service.
Go to your website, locate the main file (usually index.php or index.html) in your template and add the script block tags .
After these actions your site will be available at: