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Photo from a mobile phone – shot for everyone!

Only a few decades ago came up with phones mobile type, but now without them it is difficult to imagine our life. With a smartphone it is possible to capture many different situations that are unlikely to succeed when taking a photo, mirror camera due to various reasons. For example, a professional camera is quite heavy, bulky, with a large number of settings and parameters, unlike a light and compact mobile phone.

Фотография с мобильного телефона

Of course, a mobile device is far from perfect and has some obvious disadvantages, among which should be noted:
Having only digital zoom, no optical zoom
Poor quality of shooting in the dark, indoors and in low light
No stabilization for images
A very weak flash if it can be called such
The advantages and benefits of mobile devices need to include:
Compact size and light weight products
He is always with you
The minimum number of parameters, easy to use
Speed with low latency, access to the camera in one motion
Editing pictures inside the phone
There is an opportunity to share with others immediately, and get the answer
Have you thought ever about the hidden features of your phone, and also that it is possible to use it to photograph? Indeed, with proper formulation, and additional applications it is possible to make a simple image unique.
In addition to the basic benefits of hands-free and ease, in contrast to the SLR camera, now you have access to a completely different way of thinking and photographing process will be much simpler and easier. Nothing extra – portability and minimalism: turn on the camera with one or two hand movements, fix it and shoot as is, you see, without a viewfinder, and other accessories.
In addition, the phone makes taking photos consciously, not to take multiple frames per second for a good selection of them. To get involved in a variety of filters, which are included in most applications also not necessary, it is best to focus on a specific theme and genre of photography.
The author of this article likes to travel, and Barcelona was special, as it is open all the talents of the photographer. Just a 2 day stay in the beautiful city was filmed about five hundred different shots that were later edited and made a slideshow of selected 100-150 slides, which you can watch in 5 minutes.
For any wholesome process, you must read and view a large amount of information, followed by practice from which it is clear a lot of things. It happened with the usual phone and built-in a camera at him.
As for the hidden features many people know, but do not use the option of headphones with a microphone. Instead of changing the sound volume, they can be used as a shutter. Examples of this use can be very much, let us consider a few of them.
The most important item on the application will be image stabilization. If you connect the headset to the smartphone, with the pre-fixing it on a tripod, it is possible to greatly increase the sharpness of photos. This fact becomes critical when photographing at night, when the illumination is very small. Naturally, you will not be able to take a picture in a dark place, separate the human figure or a car, but the illuminated building of the Kremlin is quite accessible for shooting. Any camera shake you will get a blurry picture, that is why in this case, useful headset.
Also a popular place for photography is a Museum or any other place where it is forbidden to take photographs. To go unnoticed, you can hide your phone in your breast pocket, but on looking out of his chamber. For shooting you just need to press the button to increase or decrease the volume (depends on the input settings). Keep the headphones in your pocket or ears – your choice.
To use the headset it is possible and so to raise a hand in on the phone, and take pictures behind a fence, guardrail or any other obstacle placed in front of you, the desired object.
In the presence of a thin smartphone like the iPhone you can stick it between the door or fence (if the distance allows you to do) to see what is there. It is also possible and videos – it’s enough to put the phone on edge and press the desired button on his headset. Experiment – you have a huge amount of possibilities!
Currently, in modern models of smartphones, there is a special function for creating panoramas. To make beautiful view of the yard, landscape or tall building, you just need to rotate the phone in horizontal position. It is easier than to put on the tripod, huge camera and rotate it around its axis. Will also be comfortable to shoot and a standard horizontal panoramas, it is not necessary to stray too far from the object.
For the popular gadget iPhone have specialized gadgets in the form of interchangeable lenses called Olloclip. With a few varieties of this device (wide angle, fisheye, macro) you can get really incredible shots. Such lenses are easy to put on, remove and store.
Briefly evaluate the work of these lenses it is possible to note its peculiarities. For example, it looks great the picture is processed with the help of fish-eye. As for wide-angle, it is well suited when taking pictures at close distances and in different rooms.
Most attractive, perhaps, for the smartphone will be a macro lens, because when used properly you can achieve great shots. The main advantage, of course, will be the distance to the object, so you will be able to come close to him to photograph.
Ideal for photographing small items, such as leather, dew, insects, flowers, etc.
The disadvantages of macro photography with a mobile phone can be attributed to the issue of stabilization and focusing. If you don’t have the free tripod, use your own hands. Leaning on them, you will be able to lock the elbows, and the image will appear less blurred. If you shoot using a headset, then it may be a problem of wrong focus of the subject (don’t always get the camera to focus on the desired object). In this case, you will have to set the focus manually.
To find the suitable angle, you just need to look around to change the angle, sit or bend over and look at the subject from the other side.
Of course, you will get images with your own vision, the main thing is to focus on what is caught here in a particular situation. Over time you will learn how to find winning plans for your future photos automatically.
In addition, a very important point is post-processing and photo editing software such as Photoshop. The filters will help to make an original picture, and you can also create a collage of images, edit it beyond recognition anything.
Playing with light is another idea of the photographer, so be sure to use it. A huge help in this question may have a Instagram if you use it for editing.
If you think that buying a SLR camera, you will automatically get good pictures, you are deeply mistaken. For a first practice, and it’s easy to get right now, without wasting a few thousand on a special photo accessories. Not so important what device you use, and how you know how to handle it.
The simple advice in this situation – take in hand your device and start taking pictures to gain invaluable practice and also the possibility of postprocessing, especially on our website you will find a huge amount of useful information on editing in Adobe Photoshop.

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