It’s called Mobile Joomla – briefly and clearly defining the importance of this extension. Component is the best way to turn your website built on Joomla CMS, mobile version, offering features such as viewing on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and other popular systems. Mobile Joomla is also the most simple way to change important parts of your template on most mobile devices. Mobile Joomla is trusted by more than 130,000 users and is used to convert the mobile version more than 15,000,000 pages. The advantages of Easy installation and great design on the mobile platform Rapid – minimal waiting and more comfortable setting for your visitors, improved conversion Speed – up to 400% optimized performance for your templates Optimization – best use of the site, no matter what mobile device you are using, or what browser your visitors are Possible: Broad support for mobile devices from feature phones to smartphones and tablets Valid optimization for your mobile website according to the capabilities of each device Multicalendar support schemes for various segments of mobile devices up To 400% performance improvement for templates, Support for mobile templates 3 sides Custom modules, menus, schema, Advanced image optimization Redirect subdomains for each category of devices Compatible extensions, modules and plug-ins from third-party manufacturers component