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Buying links with miralinks, gogetlinks, collaborator


At the moment, there are not so many specialized and high-quality exchanges, or simply regular intermediaries through which you can legally (especially for legal entities) to buy articles or links to your site.< / p>

Essence of buying such a plan is to transfer the so-called “weight” of the donor site to your site by placing a direct link on it indicating the desired anchor. This can be either a plain text link with the necessary keyword or phrase, or a link to an image. In addition, it can be dofollow, nofollow and tell search engines to follow it or not, take it into account in the distribution of “weight” or Vice versa.< / p>

there Is also a constant monitoring of really high-quality resources for placing the necessary content on them – this is done by the intermediary exchange, which takes care of the agreement between the buyer and the seller that they have concluded a deal and permanently establish a link on their resource (webmaster), and the buyer accordingly pays for it 3 months after the purchase. < / p>

Writing a script to write data to Excel

for these purposes, and ordered once I got writing scripts for parsing such sites that need to record in the tabular view of their main characteristics and parameters such as X, the speed of placement, regionality, indexing, etc. i.e. had to get from sites the whole list of links to resources and filtering criteria, so you can not only quickly select the desired sites for a given parameter, but also to see all the sites at once, and not to turn them on miralinks, gogetlinks, collaborator. In addition, it is much more convenient to send reports on the selected segment to the boss directly and highlight the data directly in the table.< / p>

Data parsing solution

in order to quickly, and most importantly qualitatively get the necessary data from the pages, you need to take the document code and parse its individual elements in the form of classes.
The program :ZennoPoster: allows you to do this through regular expressions, which are a magic wand in such cases. The software allows you to get all the necessary information at times faster and more reliable than if you did it manually, and regular expressions can reduce the entire process of parsing several times, so their use is mandatory.
A cool solution I think the ability to put ready-made lists in the table by columns, which actually makes the process of collecting information easier and much easier, and the presence of error debugging, built into the program, allows you to determine at the stage of writing the action, where it is necessary to correct a single action.< / p>

so, parsing is carried out according to this scenario: