MijoVideos – create a video portal in Joomla CMS

MijoVideos is not just an ordinary video player for Joomla, but a good processor for the build on your project of a portal of videos. It supports all most popular video streaming sites such as Vimeo and Youtube. Let’s look at this component in more detail.


In one of our reviews on introduction videos on the website, we talked about what plugins are and which one is better. But this feature surpasses them all (in my opinion) as it offers much more control over video content.

HTML5 layer, the mobile version
Download via drag and drop files, or remote
The frames for the videos
Sort by user’s channel
Voting and likes
Playlist built-in layer
Numerous categories and component tags
Custom fields for videos and playlists
Multilingual support
Responsive design
Easy to use design from YouTube
Processing in the administrator mode and user
Share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email)
Migration from hwdMediaShare, JomWeblayer etc.
JComments, Komento and Disqus integration
Search, Smart search, Xma, MijoSEF integration
SEF URLs and SEO (Metadata)

The main feature of this plugin is that now you can just throw video files into download content.

In addition, it is possible to download from remote sources, the popular video site.

Full playlist support will allow users of your site to navigate to other pages to search for similar clips.

Viewing playlists is also very comfortable and the design is similar to Youtube, so you don’t have to adapt to the new design.

You can hide certain videos from being shared, as well as change access permissions for them.

Change the headers to the video description, add categories, tags, etc. the Component provides full support of tags on the site.

As for the admin panel, here too, all done at a high level, for the user of your site and the resource Manager.

You can create your own channels, like those you’ve seen on Youtube.

Qualitative and convenient feature will allow not only to create and implement videos on your site, but will add entertainment, as well as users of the website will be easy for you to find certain materials.