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MicrodataPro – a module for creating microdata in OpenCart


The main purpose of microdata is to provide structured and detailed information to search engines, which is on the pages of your website. It doesn’t have to be an online store as well as the microdata, you can highlight important elements of absolutely different nature and to present the information on Yandex, Google, etc. Types and varieties of microdata and the writing is several. To each is attached a private dictionary and a set of individual words which are written directly into the structure of the document in HTML format, and also indicate the most relevant elements of the document search robot. To the document in the search results looked nice and well decorated, you should first prepare the structure and understand how to influence it.

There are at the moment of writing 4 main types of microdata, and the rest are optional
Open Graph, which is designed to describe elements on social networks, which is used by most webmasters to create sites and promote them in search engines
A microformat is a deprecated format, mainly search engines,
There is a separate format is application/ld+json, which best shows the advantages of your site, is the latest tested and proven in the world of microdata format.
So, to briefly talk about the importance of microdata, it distinguishes your project compared to the rest due to the properly designed structure, and visual display in the search results. There are many solutions for its implementation in the online stores running OpenCart and blogs, online publications, etc. We will talk about the unique module that will fit any versions of the mentioned CMS. It is called just – MicrodataPro.
Module installation in the OpenCart system
Download content the downloaded archive to your server in the root of the desired site
Transition paragraph: add-Ons — Modules — MicrodataPro
Enter the email, which should come license key, as well as clarifying the buyer’s login and submit a request for consideration
Obtaining a license key by e-mail
The enter key in the expansion – module ready to go!
Don’t forget in the module settings to set your company details and determine the options you want. (not required ocmod and vqmod module)
Check microdata on the performance
Go to the specialized services of Google and Yandex, enter the addresses of your pages:
For the main project page
Example in Google the Main Validator (example)
For the category page
Example in Google the Validator Class (example)
For the product page
Example in Google Validator Product (example)
For a page of promotional products
Example in Google Validator Action (example)