menuchic – menu as menu for Joomla at the time


menuchic (don’t know why the developer has called the extension in small letters..) proposes to issue a special module, through which you’ll show the user any data in the spectacular view.

Explain how to use this module after it is downloaded and installed on Joomla.

First you need to upload the image (you can do this by using the internal component in the media Manager administrator).


Look for a folder called “menuchic” inside the images folder.

We load up pictures that you plan to show to your users.

Go to configuring the extension. To do this, go to the module Manager.

Here you will have 4 paragraphs that you want to fill: image, title, description, link (anchor).

In the end you will find the item with the choice of background for your text.


The ability to install up to 4 different photos
The jQuery script
Simple integration into the available settings and options