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Mediabox CK – opening images in a popup window

Mediabox CK, or how to set this plugin in the extensions directory – Mediabox_CK is a special extension that allows to open external links, and images as well as video in a popup window (lightbox). The developer made this feature free to download, but to explain how to use it do not bother, or rather made, this aspect is less convenient. Let’s try to implement the plugin and set the settings quite easily and conveniently.
Mediabox CK

There are several variations of performing this extension. For example, you can embed a link or photos using the built-in editor, and can write the code manually. We will consider both options.
Let’s take a look at the configuration of the plugin in the extensions Manager.
Here you can configure the following settings:
The effect of changing the size of the object
Run time and delay display effects
The choice of the effect
The width and height of the object
Margins horizontally and vertically
Show the title and object counter
Further there are the following options:
Settings display style – radius corner
The indentation of the shadow and the opacity of an object
The background image, text color
We now proceed directly to writing the code.
If you use editor like JCE, then it is a separate plugin (download it on the link at the bottom of the article), but you can also use this extension.
Setup using the JCE editor you can see on the video below.
We are interested in the implementation code directly (the HTML code).

If you look at the code, you will notice that the only added value of the rel=”lightbox” to the link to the image.
The ability to install images, videos, websites in a popup window.
Requires minimal code to implement.
A fully customizable solution.