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Panel Measurement Log in Photoshop

Panel Log Measurement in Photoshop is a set of tools for measuring objects on the screen. Let’s look at this panel in detail.
Панель Measurement Log в Фотошоп

First we need to call the panel using the time menu and select Window – Measurement Log.
Now consider the panel itself and its submenu on the right.
As you can see from the above image, we have 2 sizes, made with a tool Line.
In the right corner you can see the pop-up submenu, which lists basic operations:
Set Measurement Scale
Select Data Points
Record Measurements
Select All
Deselect All
Export Selected
Delete Selected
Auto Display Panel
Close Tab Group
Thus, we can measure practically any object on the screen and the distance from one to the other.
In the columns indicated: a shortcut for quick access, date and time, document name, source measurements, scale, etc.