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Photography of matte objects – promotional photos, features

At the moment it has become very popular shooting, who primarily use the Internet-shops and glossy magazines. In addition, it is still quite profitable genre, but also relevant in today’s market conditions. You can see the products on the printed products, a variety of layouts, advertising, packaging, etc.

Фотосъёмка матовых объектов

The basic function of advertising, in this case the subject of the photo is a demonstration of the selected products with the best side, hiding visual defects and possible defects. Thus is formed the ideal image of the photographed object to the visitor of a site or salon has developed a positive opinion, and he wanted to buy the product.
In sum, we can say that this kind of photography has its technical characteristics, but also different from standard still lifes and object photographs.
As for the art of photography, the photographer needs to highlight the most successful angle of the object to allocate its volume. In addition, it is necessary to transfer all properties of the object such as color, shape, detail and texture. Client will also be important is the absence of the blurred elements in the image, the deviations of the exhibition, as well as fuzzy edges, clipping and artifacts when using other type of shooting would be an original addition art concept shoot.
Pay attention to the quality of the pictures – it must be the best, and the image performed with maximum development, the photos on professional equipment and full technical equipment.
The author of this article has been in photography for the advertising type for more than 5 years, and specializiruetsya on the product provided mainly in the form of cosmetic products. These snapshots are ordered as popular publications, and specialized online stores. Also come orders for shooting jewelry.
Photographs made on the Nikon D800 full frame camera with high enough resolution at 36 megapixels. The output size image is equal to 7360-4912 pixels, and the device allows you to achieve sharp, detailed, with depth images. As for the application of lenses, used Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.8 G Nikkor, Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-120MM F/4G ED VR. The there is also the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 G AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor. Minimum focusing distance – with a very high degree of sharpness macro lens (0.314 m), it is the indispensable assistant for photographing small parts.
This material discusses the secrets and basics of the subject of advertising photography, as well as difficulties you may encounter in the process of shooting.
We have an order for a photo shoot advertising objects. Such accessories may include: cell phone case, perfume bottle and decoration or other object.
To get started, we need very simple and clear understanding of the issue, and therefore a detailed clarification of details of the technical specifications for photography.
Usually photographing advertising objects is of two types, streaming and branding image.
Regarding the first option – they are used for websites, brochures and online stores. The process of photographing promotional items occurs on a solid background, suitable for shooting most objects, with simple installation of lighting fixtures. If you do it right, we can one day handle up to 500 units, and this approach will allow you to quickly and efficiently remove a huge number of various items. By the way, post-production or post-process the photo, as a rule, when this technique does not require customers.
In the second case, to the image images important to study the whole concept and details of frame, song, and you can also include texture, background and extra props. As for the light setup, it is best to cover all the elements constructed composition. This kind of photo shoots take much longer, and unlike streaming shooting they require subsequent careful handling, and more complex in technical terms. The number of images in this case approximately 1-15 pieces. Image photos are intended primarily for press, banners, and filing catalogs and websites, production of printing, etc.
Slow approach to the assignment where you need to set the location of use of the photos. Also a must will be the image format is square, vertical or horizontal, and the dimensions of the final photo to ask the customer to specify, in pixels. This action will save time and will finally understand about the granularity and size of the resulting image, and what are the requirements of the client.
With dimensions of 600 by 600 pixels pictures of the bottle will look quite well on the website, so you can not particularly worry about the smallest elements and dust – they are simply not visible at this resolution. If you need the print in the printing equipment, then you will need to convey depth of field for the object, as well as to consider possible flaws and surface irregularities that will certainly be visible when zoomed in. Given all these factors, you can form an opinion about the work and calculate initially the time and complexity to include them in your income.
Among other things, required the perspective of your subject will also determine in advance, ask them to describe it in technical specification. For example, when shooting advertising objects of type cosmetics and jewelry has its own specifics. Very often you can find a good used camera angles on the Internet, choosing to search for similar instances. Also ask the customer to send you the examples that he wants to see in the photos, and you will be able to take with them when photographing.
The background behind the subject filmed advertising is a very important element of the composition. Usually used for this purpose white, to make it easier to do clipping (replacement of the background using a graphics editor or any other transparent). This kind of images is usually used in printing. Sometimes, not often, you want to make a background with a shadow from the supplied objects, reflections and textured background. This technique is practiced in the image, but not streaming shooting.
After all the preparations and details listed, you are ready to shoot.
Let’s start with the basics and consider the technical features when photographing matte objects, we chose 2 bottles.
Now try to shoot these promotional products on a regular white background for later use on the site. These goals will require: synchronizer, 2 sheets of white plastic and 3 of the light source and a tripod with a table. It is possible to replace plastic with paper, but plastic has a dense and smooth texture without any bends and creases, unlike the second option.
Next, placed a bottle of white and green Armani Gardex to the plane of the table, before placing it on the sheet with plastic white. The second sheet should be placed behind the table, he will serve as the background, and right behind him placed a more conventional reflector, a source of pulsed light.
Then we set our camera on a steady surface, a tripod, think about a better angle and vantage point. The most common is the front view. In addition, the axis of the lens passes through the center of the object. This decision will allow to avoid possible distortion.
By means of two special bits called strip-boxes that fit over the light source, we will try to highlight the objects. They are placed on two sides relative to the camera at the same distance.
The example was used monolight 500 WS power with a range of adjustment to sixty degrees. Options: reflector 43 degrees, strip-boxes at 38 degrees. Camera: aperture f/18, ISO 100, white balance as flash, shutter speed 250, focal distance of 120 mm.
Please note that the settings of your camera may differ significantly from the data presented. In order to better adjust white need to use a gray card. ISO set to the minimum value that the shots had less noise. Relative aperture – it should be closed, because we need the depth of field throughout the area of the subject. The focal length for the lens – in the range of 50 to 125 mm. In this case, get the least distortion. Of course I use the RAW format as it will give us a huge variety of possibilities when you change the picture in Photoshop or any other editor.
Take a look at the pre-finished result of our work – the bottles. We have identified some irregularities in the invoices, which were obtained from 2 strip boxes, and the glare from the green bottle. Further editing in Photoshop would take a lot of time. But it should be noted that both subject contrast and attractive look.
Let’s try to change the left strip-box on a standard reflector, with a capacity of 24 steps. Photos of our bottles have been juicier and a bit more contrast due to more stringent light source. The problem is that due to the illumination of the background we have blurred and marred the boundaries of advertising items.
Look at the picture on the other side, and install the sheets with the cardboard black on the edges from the promotional bottles. Now their boundaries have become much clearer and the overall image looks better and brighter.
Substitute for example, more and the strip box to the right to the regular type of reflector with a capacity of 24 steps.
Between the two images shows the difference – Gardex bottle and Armani. Will focus on the latter option, although we have added brightness and contrast in both cases.
Start processing in Adobe Photoshop the images. Select the background using Magic Wand or Polygonal Lasso, then change it to RGB 255, 255, 255 – pure white. Corrected his balance and contrast of the image with tools like Curves, Levels and Color Balance. Clean the texture by applying the Patch Tool and the Spot Healing Brush Tool. Sharpness is changed by the filter Sharpen Edges and Unsharp Mask.



In this article, we have discussed only the main points while shooting promotional photos, and also led standard features, considered one of the easiest ways of photographing matte objects.