Photoshop lessons

Remove background using masks in Photoshop

Our lesson is dedicated to one of my favorite ways to remove background using masks in Adobe Photoshop.
Убрать фон с помощью маски в Фотошоп

Begin to implement this function.

Take the image on which you want to change the background.

Now click 2 times on our layer to create a new layer with a transparent background.

Next, go to menu Layer-New-Layer and fill it with white using the tool Paint Bucket Tool. Move it below the original layer, it will be the accessory, for more accurate determination of the object in the background.

So, create a mask – Layer-Layer Mask-Reveal All, color set by default for the background white for the front – black.

Take the tool Brush and begin to erase the background image. If the background occupies a large part of the image, it is easier to do the following: take the tool the Polygonal Lasso Tool, select the object, press Ctrl+Shift+I (invert the selection) and if it is set on the white color for the foreground, click the delete button. Thus, we set the selection mask, which if necessary can always return to the original position.

If you accidentally erased the extra part of the photo, you only need to change the color of default button D on the keyboard and press X. This will change the color of the background on the front and Vice versa.

If necessary, you can substitute any background to cut out shapes, just adding another layer and moving it below the main.