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To create a mask in Photoshop is not so difficult. You just need to click on a few buttons on your keyboard to understand and perform some simple manipulation with a mask, who do thousands of times every day experienced Photoshop wizard.
Создание маски в Фотошоп

Let’s select the image that you will have to change. It can be done, for example, using the tool Lasso Tool.
Next, go to the layers panel and click on the button below, which is located 3rd from the left.
You should see an additional icon in front of the layer, which means that you have applied a mask to the layer. And also you can see the lock icon, which indicates that your layer mask will be stitched together.
If you used the action with the release of the object from the beginning of the lesson, when you click on the mask you must have 1 element which you have allocated. If you select produce after adding the layer mask, then you will have the background and the selected object will be deleted. In any case, you can cancel the action and do the inverse of the selection, and then apply the mask to the layer.
My advice: If you want to select some object, but do not know what can happen to him then after applying the mask on the layer, you have: first, press Alt + Ctl + Z (return to the previous step, and the second, Shift + Ctrl + I – invert selection.
So we click on the button Delete, after selecting a standard color on the toolbar – black and white, as well as selecting the layer mask instead of the background.
Should get the following output:
Now let’s look at how to get the background by using the same mask. This is done very easily.
Take the tool Brush Tool, set the color for the foreground white and the background is black.
It should be noted that the white color will restore our original image, and the black to remove it, so if in the process of processing your images, you accidentally made a mistake, it is not necessary to return to the action back, you can simply change the brush color to the opposite by pressing X, and then continue editing the photo.
If you need to return an item in its original position, select the object, set the color values to the opposite, do the inverse selection and press Delete button.