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Today we will talk about the implementation of the code one of the most popular exchanges for selling links, similar Sape, Mainlink called.
Sape, под названием Mainlink.


First of all you need to say a few words about this system of buying and selling links, articles.
While it is still inferior to the leadership in the competition of such exchange, as the Sape, but in recent years has made many efforts to introduce more and more new features.
Since all the same install code from Mainlink in Joomla?
First we need to register for it. After this procedure, we need to take directly the code itself. How to do it?
After registering, go to the user menu and in the tab “Selling links” in the right corner we see the inscription “Get code for websites”.
Next, go to the “Code to display links”
Select Joomla from the list provided.
Now you should have a window with detailed setting.
That is, you just need to download a module for the CMS system that you have installed at the moment (e.g. Joomla 2.5), then enable it and apply it to those pages that you want to sell. In the module write the values specified in the picture above.
That’s all, after waiting for applications and your acceptance of them, references must be properly listed and sold!