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Improved AJAX Login & Register – login and register in Joomla

Improved AJAX Login & Register – another successful component from the developer Offlajn to create your site easy and beautiful module login and registration.
Improved AJAX Login & Register

Register or log in using popular social. networks Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft account! Create your own registration form easily, just using the editor and using the drag-n-drop.
Sign in using your social account
Now you do not need more additional registrations – just 1 click and you can log in to Joomla with their Facebook account, Google, Twitter or Microsoft. In addition, if you already have a lot of users in the system, they do not need to create new credentials. The component will automatically create a connection with people who have the same email address.
Need a new expansion interface?
Improved AJAX Login is a flexible solution. It speeds up the registration process with the help of AJAX technology. This process has never been so simple and easy, as well as having clean code and beautiful design.
Improved AJAX Login & Register


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