Livesurf program auto surf sites


Livesurf is a unique service that allows you to increase the number of visits to the site with a simple cheat visits.
Ideal for those who want to quickly “pump” their resources by increasing the number of hits your site. Livesurf – similar to another service called WebSurf.
In order to understand the scheme of this system, no need to have a College education.


You just need to install a special program, which will be implemented by surfing the Internet.
To get started you register in the service, download a special program for auto surf, then run it and enjoy the result – it’s very simple.
To add your project, you need to go to “Add site/page”.
Here should be everything so clearly – all the parameters set, check and start surfing.
There are bonuses and ratings that are earned through hits and purchase points.
Earn bonus points as you can in automatic mode (when main project 1 per day), or through an affiliate program, and by status.
Conclusions: in General, a good service for “cheating” display your site, but as you already know, this traffic will not bring much benefit in the form of money.