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lite-mobile or – what is the difference?

lite-mobile или promo.lite-mobile

Hello, everyone who loves desperate service of Russian origin, ruthless and ruthless, gloomy and useless! If seriously, then today we will talk about the Internet store, where I, actually, earlier bought more than one phone (very long ago this resource was only a seller of smartphones and accessories to them, but now – “Yulmart” in action!).

Lite-mobile offers you…. alternate trick, or poor Russian service in its execution. Let’s see how it all works, and how we are fooled once again!

So, I decided to buy some RAM (my PC, of course). I found a site in the search called promo.lite-mobile.chi – immediately thought about another domain, which I mentioned a little earlier. And, really, it is just a copy of the main domain of the resource lite-mobile, but it is not only the prices that differ from it… Namely:

    The price of the same product is lower, which on the one hand can not but please, but on the other – at the expense of what (we live in a clear country – nothing just happens here!)?

  • The product turns out to be either in one copy (like me), although more can be ordered in fact on the site, ie there are no restrictions on the reverse side!
  • The photo of the product is also in 1 variant, and in my case even very pixel, i.e. you can’t see something!
  • Description – minimum, and the design of the site has not endured 1 arrival …
    • naebon-2460

      If you look carefully at the screenshots, you can see that the price tag differs between the promo and ordinary website domain, and that’s why: at first I got a call from Different managers on the same issue, which caused some dissonance – how can one person call different people, even if they are middle managers (thanks to Juba for the joke!). Then I was told that they had 1 “die” left, although I initially put 2 in the basket – this, of course, alerted me… In addition, I tried to book the goods, to which the manager (again, thanks Jube for the joke!) replied that it is NOT necessary to reserve the memory RAM only because they have the company to do it after 20.00 if you want to pick up the goods tomorrow! Complete slag!! I say, “Ok, I’ll think about your proposal!”


      After that, the next day I called the company myself, agreeing to deliver the memory to the delivery point (paid service!…). But, look what happens next: I’m called back by the Fall of cf… What does it mean: yes, everything is simple – they under the guise of a new product sell either VU, or memory stolen, or something else! Well, the price tag, of course, just below the market price should have been a bit confusing, too… At least sometimes it happens in NORMAL offices, where they sell equipment at reduced prices just to sell stale goods in warehouses.

      That is, the finger on their site have been sorted, now let’s move on to the design of the project and its “chips. If you are still thinking about buying a lanyard on this site, then do it at least on “promo”, so that the price was a thousand or two lower! And so, I would not advise to buy anything more there…


      The goods themselves. It’s obvious: if you want to overpay – go to the lite, if you don’t want to – go to promo! But most of all I was surprised by the inscription, which means a high cost “without using promotional code”, ie “promotional code” is a subdomain!

      Site Design

      Rebranding or redesign – these words have not been heard in the firm, and apparently they will not be heard, because they are satisfied with the wretched icons of a century ago, which do not change at login (ie, you are logged in to the project, but even you yourself will not know about it if you do not accidentally click on the button “Login”! B..yat, yes! Login to the site where the person already sits….. Complete nonsense!).


      Search inside the project to look for something is also useless: you can find something, of course, but it is unlikely! The price without the promotional code for “Markdown!!!” is higher than without a coupon…. There are no comments here.

      Briefly speaking, the old and miserable style of decoration together with unprepared managers (where there is constantly some noise in the background, as if they are all sitting there on a bump and selling cell phones…) does its job: there is no point in going here anymore, let alone buying something!


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