Linking The Web – check backlinks to your website

Linking The Web

Linking The Web is a wonderful tool to analyze and check backlinks for your website + simply free product for big goals.
With this program you can easily determine which link partners have been removed and which are present in other projects.
Why, say, you need all these programs?
The answer is obvious – in automatic mode is much easier to check the backlinks, even if you bought them on the exchange SAPE.
All results in this program are highlighted, so you won’t lose the right links.

In addition, there are a number of settings that allow you to ease your life in the future, for example, send reports by e-mail.
You can also simplify the task, we just need to import one list all the links – it is a separate option.
The main feature of Linking The Web is to check the links that are not indexed or are enclosed in tags, and rel=”nofollow”.
All additional settings can be viewed in the program such as task scheduler, checking the terms of the purchase links, checking PR of the pages, and more.


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