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LikeBtn Like Button great plugin for voting in Joomla

LikeBtn Like Button

LikeBtn Like Button is not just a plugin for rating and voting in Joomla, it is also an advanced component that helps to make your website fully “share” button with various styles and types. Settings so much that they can get messy…
LikeBtn Like Button

LikeBtn Like Button is a special service that is designed for the organization of the type and form of the buttons “I like” that you need. In the component you can customize almost everything: light and dark, support for skins (skins) buttons to support your content such as Webmoney and Yandex Money, language and much more.
In addition, you have the option to choose several tariff plans and the differences between them can be found on the website of the developer of this plugin.
You may on a regular basis to download the free version of this solution, and it will function as paid, but with some limitations.
The buttons are also very happy, there are plenty to choose from. Each type is designed so that it can quickly be found from the given list.
Allows users to vote anonymously.
Site visitors do not need to register in order to vote.
After clicking on the “like” button, you will be able to share through other social networks.
Special code to insert in the article a vote.
Custom position and size of buttons.
Choosing the right categories and articles for voting.
Built-in styles.
The ability to change the text on the labels.
Language support.


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