Photoshop lessons

The Layers panel in Photoshop

Today we are going to consider the panel Layers in Adobe Photoshop.

Панель Layers в программе Фотошоп

This panel is the core and the main panel of the program, because without it we can’t do almost nothing because all the work in Photoshop is only to process and edit layers. Let’s look at it in more detail and discuss the important points from the panel menu.

To see the Layers panel, you need to go to the menu to Window-Layers or click the F7 button.

Here we see the layer called “Background”, which is the main when you download any photo.

You can also select multiple items in this panel is Opacity, Fill, Lock and blending modes of the layers.

In the lock mode of the layer to highlight a few points:

Lock transparent pixels
Lock image pixels
Lock position
Lock all

Now consider the right-most menu panel Layers.

New Layer
Duplicate Layer
Delete Layer
Delete Hidden Layers
New Group
New Group from Layers
Lock All Layers in Group
Convert to Smart Object
Edit Contents
Layer Properties
Blending Options
Edit *
Create Clipping Mask
Link Layers
Select Linked Layers
Merge Down
Merge Visible
Flatten Image
Animation Options:
Always Show
Always Hide
Options Panel
Close Tab Group

With these points you can make a lot of interesting and high-quality photos, editing images and adding special additions in the form of layers.