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The bar Layer Comps in Adobe Photoshop

Clearing the bar Layer Comps in Adobe Photoshop. It is intended to quickly control arrangements of the layers.
Панель Layer Comps в программе Adobe Photoshop

So, to call the panel, we need to go into menu Window – Layer Comps.
Next, go to the upper right hand menu pane and click on the button context menu.
Here you can see a few points:
the New Layer Comp
Duplicate Layer Comps
the Delete Layer Comps
Update Layer Comps
Apply Layer Comps
the Next Layer Comps
Previous Layer Comps
Restore Layer Comps
for Layer Comp Options
Close Tab Group
These buttons appear at the bottom of the panel, so you can always get quick access to the main parameters.
How does this bar?
If you have a project that needs a lot of editing layers, then this tool will help you.
Here is a concrete example of creating a website for a customer.
Call the panel and click on the create a new layer comp.
Now change the design of our site under those parameters that are required by our client, for example, move the search down, remove unnecessary details. We get the following picture.
Панель Layer Comps в программе Adobe Photoshop

Таким образом, у нас появилось 2 слоя: один с исходным вариантом, другой – измененный. Но с помощью данной панели вы всегда сможете вернуться к тому варианту, который необходим., при этом не меняя дизайн сайта заново!
Панель Layer Comps в программе Adobe Photoshop