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LastPass is an essential tool for any SEO optimizer, as it allows you to automate tasks in the browser and helps to memorize on a regular basis passwords for websites and applications.
This tool for Google Chrome and other browsers are directed to the automatic filling of data forms, when registering for the online resources. Let’s look at its basic properties and characteristics.


First, after installing LastPass, you can not only save data entered in form fields, but also to always have access to them from another computer, as this extension stores all your passwords in the cloud.
In addition, the most interesting element of this component is to automatically fill in forms. At registration sites, many webmasters and SEO optimizers are faced with this problem, as enter the same data – it takes considerable time and effort, and LastPass will help fill in all the fields with just one click of a button. Let’s see how this happens in practice.
Once you have registered, go into its settings and select the tab “hotkeys”.
Here you can specify which keys to use for quick data access.
You can also override the default profile, instead of selecting it from the point of the program.
In the extension settings, you can also find useful options such as “add profile”, “add credit card”, etc.
To get started, you first need to create a profile.
The results:
You can use such programs as :AllSubmitter, but the most effective result will be self-registration resources, so it is better to use manual tools with the automated approach!
How to add fields with multiple descriptions and titles of their projects, will be discussed in the following articles.