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Exchange freelancers Kwork unlike fl.ru or workzilla can boast that there are no artists to PAY for not yet existing work (e.g., fl.ru only knows how to “breed” money – nothing more useful is not nor for those who take up the work, nor for those who are offering it!). But do all of this service, Kwork for brainwashing clients and working freelance?

First, let’s talk still about fl.ru.
Newsletter examples fl.ru

I hasten to inform you that your account [vasocon] available 20% discount on the purchase of PRO! Take advantage of the offer on the page www.fl.ru/payed/

Why you need a PRO account?
— answer all any projects, jobs and competitions.
to access private projects, jobs and competitions only for PRO;
— to increase the rating by 20% (at the time of the PRO);
— to take a position in the freelancer directory in the zone PRO;
— your answers to job vacancies and tenders is published above answers users not PRO.

And PRO status increases the chances to draft or order by 480% compared to the base account (four hundred and eighty, we were not wrong!). You will find hundreds of projects of specialization. Services that you offer, will attract more attention of potential customers.

Act now and save 20% to get extra 2% instant cashback bonus on personal account. Your PRO pending activation on the page www.fl.ru/payed/.

team FL.ru

The developers of the site FL.ru want to capitalize on the performers, who even orders are not working… What else to say – I’m not there, and in such hands will never…

Similar situation with Workzilla – but there is still a need to pass a test on the bot. If you have passed – you are not a bot and you are ready to beg of you MANI… the Forest to let them go…

Back to Kwork.

Strategy service for freelancers

The first and foremost difference is the cost of service – 500 rubles for writing entire sites, connection, domains, hosting, wrapping and more. You can see in the so-called cases on their website.

Note: the results of these “spins” are only visible to the uninitiated, so you can shed some light on these services and the quality for 1 quark = 500 p!

Use case #1:

Result #1:

With such success it is possible to save on everything we 0 PARTICLES and 0 traffic from the network, and many other “buns”.

Use case #2:

Result #2:

Saved 90% on its website – has received his absence! 🙂

Use case #3:

Result #3:

“The number of referrals from search increased by 20%!” I hesitate to ask 18 is 20% of what number?

Go on…

Withdrawal and payment for work

Often we want to receive the promised MANI for the work done. Here, as elsewhere, however, will have to work hard to get what was stipulated. So, you actually do not work for a CRAPPY 500 p. (a big Hello to African people!), but even for 400 p!!!
The result will be many hours of work is not for 5 thousand rubles, as we would like (and need to be discussed with the client), and for 4 thousand roubles! Feel, as they say, the difference… ie on your work simply “welded” and not too shabby… Add to this the reduction of income in the form of Commission payment systems – eventually get a penny.
We give a simple example:

Make a full script with all the consequences for the type 500 rubles (although in fact for 400 rubles!).
Make a request for withdrawal from the system.

Here I do the calculations…

Commission of 2.75% from 400 rubles, while the output is only available 3 days a week (well, not 1 year!)
Get your hands on agreed upon with the client 500 p. (for every subsequent much…) = 389, p!

The Commission is 3% of 400 rubles, while the output is only available 3 days a week
Get your hands on agreed upon with the client 500 p. (for every subsequent much…) = 388 R!

The 4.5% Commission!!! from 400 rubles, while the output is only available 3 days a week Minimum withdrawal amount = 3150 rubles!!!
The cool thing in all of this – the service called solar-staff.com the essence of which is incomprehensible to anyone but themselves… About the seriousness of this online service eloquently statistics:

Conclusions and summing up
Kwork system is a simple bunch of freelancers and advertisers that profit at their expense, more special advantages not noticed. The only plus is that they are the TYPE you guarantee the delivery of the money and approval of conflict situations (but it is also possible to arrange without them…).