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How much can you earn in Kwork?

kwork заработок

In the first part of quark I was going through the overall structure of the website Kwork and its main advantages and disadvantages in comparison with competitors. Today I will talk about how much real money you can put in your pocket with this project, or more precisely, to withdraw to webmoney (as other ways to withdraw money I am not satisfied with what I wrote earlier).


Started 2015 with an account in the system, then put some ads. The most popular script for :ZennoPoster:.



As for the reviews, Kwork really nice system (but only for Executive ladies): after each order is sent to the buyer with the request to leave positive feedback about the order. On the one hand it stimulates on increase of the rating, BUT!!! if you consider the fact that for Kwork by – one, and buyer – all, this function becomes useless.
Explain with an example: I did the script the man who first took the order, and then by writing me messages through the internal system, trying to make improvements, changes, fixes, etc. Question: why take the order if you didn’t check it? In the end, despite all the positive momentum and feedback on this site, I just went 3 or 4 times to redo work. And the admins Kwork asked again to correct the mistakes. I wrote: “Fix themselves previously adopted order!”.


In a previous post I already wrote about the fact that artists here specifically not to make money, judging by the price tags. For example, there are actually people think that they are over 400-500 R. will make a full-time job, which in SEO Agency costs about 10-15 thousand roubles.
But now not about it. Earnings on Kwork – that’s what interests us. View a screenshot of the internal Analytics of this website.



It is possible to conclude that in 11 of the executed works, I got 9200 roubles. Here attention!!! On if you have the money too, so in the end, around the net, I got 9 Tr!!!
When compared with the full-time job at the Agency, or more or less appropriate people (real, not virtual), then for the same job you can get at least 2 times more…
But Kwork welded to only the admins of this site. Example: for every 500 roubles. Korka they are compensated 100.!!! Ie if you make the order on 5 thousand roubles, 4 thousand roubles get minus the Commission for the withdrawal to the QIWI, Webmoney and unknown to anyone but themselves a service to withdraw money to a card (4,5%…)!!!

The results

If you want to:

  • Rotten day for a penny;
  • Graft for the Commission in Kwork;
  • To get a tiny fee.

Then welcome!