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Where to buy bitcoins

Actual information about where to buy bitcoins, will allow purchase cryptocurrency the safest way at the best exchange rate. The process of acquiring bitcoin is a little different from exchange other currencies on the Internet. You need to create a wallet, copy the address and find the exchanger in the right direction.


To find the best rate, use this service. It will help to identify which site is most advantageous to buy bitcoin. On the platform you can find dozens of different directions that allow you to make the exchange. If you want to engage in trading, it is better to use a major international exchange (for example, this service).

For long term storage you can use the purse in system Webmoney. Exchange your money to bitcoin wallet VM, you can use automatic exchange or through the exchange Webmoney. Make money on crypto wallet VM is possible, but direct connection to the classic purses of WebMoney prohibited. You can use the double exchange. Bitcoin can be bought also in the interface of Webmoney.

When large purchases practiced the exchange of hands: who wants to buy bitcoins reports cash, and the owner of BTC makes the translation in the eyes of the buyer. Such transactions should be on the amount from tens of thousands of dollars. Those wishing to pursue direct sales can be found on the discussion forums or in social networks.

Where you can safely store bitcoins

Many owners keep their bitcoins on the classic wallet Bitcoin Core. To access it you need to know the username and password and have a database of cryptographic keys. The last is about 120 GB and it should be kept on your own hard disk. Therefore, this method is not for everyone. The alternative is using the cloud, but in this case the chain of your keys will not be confidential. The risk of losing money will increase.

The money deposited in the account of the exchange allows you to make a quick exchange transactions, the user does not need to hold keys on the computer, bitcoins can be withdrawn at any time. The disadvantages of this method: possible delays and potential closure of the stock exchange due to problems with the law, technical issues or fraud on the part of owners exchange service. Similar incidents occurred with Flexcoin, Mt.Gox and Bitcurex.

Also bitcoin can be stored on the Webmoney purse in the form of internal currency WMX. WMX 1000 is equal to one bitcoin. Because of the low rate on the exchange WebMoney exchange, store here cryptocurrencies for trading is not recommended. WM is suitable as long-term storage of bitcoins. Possible problems: account suspension, changing the rules of the service due to the change of the state policy of the Russian Federation about cryptocurrency.