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Bonus video webinar about cryptocurrency in 2017 from Marseille Minnahmetov.

And now some shocking figures.
If on 1 January 2017 you invested 100.000 RUB in all of the TOP 10 coins (bitcoin, ether, and other altcoins) evenly, then today you have in the account would have 6.000.000 RUB It’s true. After all, there are coins, which rose as much as 60 times, and one of them in 132 times.

This is really shocking and creates the effect of “slack-jawed”.
Now it’s time choice. Someone will conclude that it’s too late and we were late. I partially agree. We’re not desirable a huge amount of money.

But I suggest you look at it from the other side. This is only the beginning and in addition to these coins there are hundreds of others who can shoot as well, and maybe even stronger.


Day one:

  • What is the wildly popular cryptocurrency?
  • Why cryptocurrency is not a bubble and not a pyramid, but to work with them carefully?
  • What Bitcoin is and how it differs from other cryptocurrencies?
  • What are the most promising cryptocurrencies 2017?

Day two:

  • A brief overview of wallets for bitcoin.
  • Where to buy? An overview of the available purchase options.
  • Learn to work with currency using progressive experience and best practices.
  • Practice using the marketplace for bitcoin
  • Get the maximum effect by investing in regardless of Bitcoin’s rate.
  • How and when to take profits?
  • An analysis of our experiences errors on real examples.
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of a Scam and not lose money?
  • Trends of the last month

The third day (vip).

  • Individual analysis of strategies each participant.
  • You can hear what made silent. Namely insider information from the traders that the topic is already 1.5 years.