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The full archive of all wrappers of bubble gum “Love is” weighing about 32 MB., as well as the distribution of all the images by numbers and years of appearance that will make it much easier search for specific photos for collectors 90 years.

Полная коллекция фантиков из жвачки Love is...

Great gift old fart from the 90’s is a collection of wrappers on his favorite topic, as well as a cool opportunity to “get nostalgic” in the ancient files with remarkable content!
You can absolutely free download the whole archive to read a huge number of romantic love stories and not only about her. In addition, did you know that a painted history data was a British artist bill Esprit, and used without his permission by the Turkish company Dandy Sakiz ve Şekerleme San. A. Ş for the ear chewing gum? No? Now I know!

Who played in the wrappers, likem and share with friends for sure!