Photoshop lessons

Creating a button with reflection for your website

Let’s create a button with reflection for your website in Adobe Photoshop.
Создание кнопки с отражением

To begin, create a new document with dimensions of 120 by 50 pixels. To do this, press Ctrl + N.
Then fill the background with a solid color – 838383. For these purposes, we need a tool Paint Bucket Tool.
Now create a rectangle using the tool Rounded Rectangle Tool.
Enter the settings indicated on the picture above and draw a rounded rectangle slightly smaller in size just created file.
The color of our rectangle placed on 111111.
Next, right click on the layer and select Blending Options.
All settings are indicated on the figures below.
After creating the basics of a button with reflection, press the keys Shift + Ctrl + N to create a new layer and take the tool Pencil Tool.
We must receive the following picture in the layers panel:
Set the foreground color to eee1cd and draw a horizontal line, as shown in the figure below. It is easy to do with Shift.
Apply effects on the layer with the pencil through the Blending Options.
Then create a mask for the layer and set the gradient to it.
Now we have to do reflection to create buttons. To do this, remove the visibility of the bottom layer background and press the keys Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E – thus we combine all visible layers and create a new layer. More details can be found in the article about the Photoshop – Stamp Visible.
Do coup vertically, is substituted for the button you just created an additional layer.