How to choose the right kitchen with all the nuances

Встроенная техника

Today we will in detail discuss the main question of any newcomer – a selection of all the necessary elements for future kitchen, as well as define how to choose the perfect option and design, and buying components for it. To tackle this challenge, we have to disassemble a lot of different nuances and subtleties, technological aspects. Make yourself comfortable, we begin… how to choose a kitchen right!
Встроенная техника

The measurements of the proposed kitchen
Certainly, many of us will say that they definitely know how to accurately measure the size of the wall to order food. And now look at the next picture – that’s what you need to do measurements! Pay attention to the little things…
The location of the kitchen
Here everything seems to be clear – the size and location of your future creations depends on the number of walls, their length and their own imagination. However, it is very important to initially determine what the length and structure should be the kitchen of your dreams. This may be a kitchen-corner or radii, as well as video, etc. If you plan to put it in the corner, then it makes sense to buy this option…
For a small space and need to save money, buy the kitchen easier…
In addition to the size of the kit, you need to consider where to house the table and chairs, a fridge and a TV and other items the modern kitchen. Pay attention to the doors – they can interfere with other parts.
The design and style of the kitchen
As for the visual style cuisine, then you first need to know the style and color that will please you constantly. It is not recommended to use bright colors (yellow, blue, red), as they will distract from the main thing – cooking. As the color may quickly get bored and change it is no easy task, and not cheap!
In addition, many people choose classic version (mostly people older than 50 years)…
But the modern dishes are still in the style of hi-tech and loft (for young people and students).
The choice of materials for kitchen
Regarding the choice of materials and components for your kitchen, you need to remember about their quality and how in what period of time it will last you. However, it is very important to know the manufacturer of these products, as substandard products can totally change your opinion about the kitchen overall, despite the beautiful facades and countertops. Look at the image below and learn more – what is your future kitchen.
Appliances in the kitchen
On kitchen appliances is not worth saving, as it is the basis of your kitchen and its main component. It is best to opt for renowned manufacturers, but in this case, all you need to check manually – the installation of the hob, the fridge and the oven, learn reviews need about them in advance so things do not catch you by surprise.
/_ulp=https%3A%2F%2Fshop_grohe_ru%2Fkuhnja%2Fsmesiteli-dlja-kuhni” target=”_blank”>kitchen Faucets
Selection of the manufacturer of the kitchen
An extremely important point in the selection set is a furniture factory and a service provider, who together will coordinate actions. After all, who will be the manufacturer and will deliver the kitchen to your apartment and will determine the future. Please read the detailed reports and recommendations of those who have already acquired from the manufacturer kitchen. We can offer the following options economy class.
A trip to the store for kitchen
You can view a huge number of choices of cuisines in both the online and offline stores, but is really important to personally verify the correctness of the decision, as the 3D picture will never tell you and will not show the true quality of plastic, wood, fittings, etc. So be sure to visit the salon where you liked a particular sample in an online store. This way you will be able to assess build quality, joints, compliance with the stated quality and other aspects.
Ordering cuisine
Do not hurry with the final choice – our advice! Try not to buy any first set, you will see various styles and types of kitchens, because you have to spend a lot of time. Good food can only be selected based on the quality approach!


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