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Product Builder (builder kit) for Virtuemart create sets in Joomla

If you have your own online store selling parts, or, for example, you want to create specific sets of related items in Jooomla, the Product Builder will not only increase conversion, but to make the process easier.
Product Builder (kit builder) for Virtuemart

What you can do with this component?
Creating product groups from existing elements and products of the site.
The use of AJAX the user does not need to reload the page.
The choice of services or goods, viewing and ordering process on one page.
Method selection is performed according to the specified tags.
The choice of sequence steps of placing the order.
The process can be divided into several steps.
Apart from above features, you get: convenient system control using the color palette, and custom fields on the child products, 4 different types of display sets.
These sets of goods can be drop-down lists, image thumbnails, select buttons with the names of the goods, and also buttons with images.
In addition, groups of products can have pre-defined options and proposals for the quantity in stock. Also you have settings 6 different formats. 5 are provided to display products separately, 1 for output to a variety of products with links to the relevant pages.
Multiple languages are supported and no editing of the file VirtueMart.