Ночной режим / Night mode

Invite all to look at the distinctive features of how the kidnappers of children and how to avoid child abduction. Look carefully!
The difference in adult behavior, appearance, clothing and compare with the appearance of the child – there are many inconsistencies.

Appeal to the adults “aunt” and “uncle”: usually the way the children call strangers.
Sometimes, to remain vigilant, the thieves are represented by officers. But a real police officer will be primarily looking for my parents and Chad will not refuse the help of adults. If the adult intervention with the requirement to show documents will not be effective, then at least take a photo of the “police”.
Often teenagers use the so-called photographers and producers, but if they are true, we must formally organize competitions in schools.
Real bikers don’t invite children to ride together – think about it…
Adults usually do not ask for directions from children, as they can make a mess or have little knowledge of the area.
In recent time, there was a distraction: a child or a woman can become accomplices of the kidnapper, so unfamiliar people must always be treated as strangers.
Also, do not child to tell the details about their relatives, acquaintances, strangers.
If the child has something to offer a stranger for a certain action, for example, to go with him to the car, be sure that it is a thief.
Constantly being on the Playground unfamiliar adults can be thieves.
Excessive hysteria of a child may be cause for more serious action, so it’s best to check with the parent if everything was okay.
The child asking for help – the most common method of Dating with children, beware!