Key Collector – proper selection of the semantic core of the site

Key Collector

Program Key Collector is the leader among similar funds selection of key words, sorting, and analysis of the collected data into a single entity that represents the semantic core of your website.

Key Collector

This program is hard to configure for the inexperienced user, but will allow him to collect a lot of useful data afterwards.
Key Collector is designed for fast and high-quality collection of statistics by taking the frequency of keywords (official source :Yandex Wordstat: – selects the relevant query keywords and their frequency). The frequency is the number of precise queries (e.g., search engine Yandex) per month a specific keyword, as well as its word-forms, changes, etc.
With this software, you can learn and retain such data as determination of the relevant pages (the pages of our website that people find certain keywords), determining the final cost of the promotion and value of phrases (the analysis of the budget in advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords, buying both temporal and eternal links to popular exchange Sape, etc.), collection of key words (a selection of those “keywords” that need to sell a particular product to go in the TOP 10 for highly competitive search terms), get recommendations for linking (how best to do internal and external linking of the site, and what keywords to use).
What is included in the program itself?
It is already built in special algorithms and useful features such as: evaluation of key phrases (more than 70 parameters), 4 types of service :Yandex Wordstat: the proximate analysis of the resource according to the semantics, integration with the referenced exchanges and many other great additions.
The Foundation of the website is its own semantic kernel (this is a special keywords for which people come to your website), and this program allows it to collect. With this useful software you can do the amount of work for the week, which you manually have to do 2-3 months!