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How to make money on affiliate programs – 50 000 RUB for 1 month.


Guide for beginners plus individual skill of earning on affiliate programs.

Now the income on affiliate programs is considered our main source of income. Weld on affiliate programs is possible, including and without own website, elementary have to know how to create them correctly.

At the moment, almost all people seek out methods and tools of earning online without investment or special knowledge.

Affiliate programs is an excellent way to generate income for those people who only begin the road to earning online and those who are interested in this technique not once a year.

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In this article I told how we earn money on affiliate programs and how to make it happen for you with your own website and without it.

You might also ask yourself, exactly what are affiliate programs, how much they may be welded and where to start for a beginner.


Table of contents

  • Actually what is affiliate programs and how their windfall funds
  • As possible to make money on affiliate programs and what is dependent on earnings
  • Find an affiliate program
  • Get an affiliate link
  • The advertised link
  • Benefit
  • Derive earned money
  • The pros and cons of earning on affiliate programs
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • The end


1. Actually what is affiliate programs and how they are welded?

Affiliate program is a pay pattern of interaction between the product manufacturer or his partner.

The essence of the earnings on affiliate programs are combined to obtain the percentage of the product sales and offers, in case the customer came via your affiliate link.

How to perform the process of earning

Do you find contractor (online store Creator of the training course, person) that sells products or offers, and can help him bring to life personal product for a percentage.

Make out this scheme on real-life incidents
You have a friend who prepares web sites for you to website and you appealed to him.
He has fulfilled his own job very well and you are happy with the result.
If the familiar becomes necessary a web site, you will certainly advise them of this man.
We suggest friends, relatives products of various shops, attorneys, medical professionals, mechanics, hairdressers and builders, cafes, fitness centers, etc.
Suppose, in fact you even recommend products and deals of various companies to their people, and these companies pay you, for example, 10% of their order amount.
This way, you are absolutely no harm to your own time outsourced sales Manager in a huge number of companies.
Now that’s interesting!
Let’s look at the numbers and you immediately take in the sense, in fact that the income on affiliate programs is a great probability to subsidiary earnings or including to arrange it for himself primarily.
Suppose in fact that some time ago you or friends set repair of the dwelling, using the suggestions of the brigade of dressers.
You liked their quality, time and cost.
Elementary, define these masters that will advise them to anyone who will be required to fix housing or dwelling and they will pay you 10% of the produced cases as a fee for the recommendation.
Taking into account the fact that the price of the average repair costs of housing people in a number of hundred thousand roubles, you will be able to be welded from 10 000 to 100 000 RUB for one only affiliate program “repairmen”.

Let’s see how welded to affiliate programs online
Everything is just like in real life.
For starters, the network is necessary to find one with whom you will “partner”.
The chance to earn your own affiliate program gives online shopping, hosting, speakers (people who sell information Online in the form of training courses), all kinds of automatic services (e.g., maintenance of the mailing or service of the commodity affiliate programs)
Here beginners are asked
As your contractor (the one who gives you the affiliate program) to find out actually what the customer who made the purchase came from you (your link)?
It’s just like a PC, all the latest data strengthened in a special “cookie” (cookie).
Just the computer saves the whole customer journey, product or proposal that came for your advice.
In case, the person who came through your affiliate link, any purchases from your contractor, you get discussed in the affiliate program % in Commission fees for this recommendation.
I wonder actually what the value of Commission the affiliate program has the ability to increase to 100%! That is, the contractor gives you all of the acquired funds, for example, in exchange for contact likely buyer.
This is especially common in infobusiness information product does not contain cost. Just as a consequence of this, there is often a Commission on the affiliate program achieve 70%, 80%, 90% and more.
As a rule the remuneration of the partners varies from 10% to 70% depending on the product or suggestions, and value on it.
Unlike information products where your Commission is issued is often higher than 50% in commercial affiliate program, the size of this is as a rule not higher than 30-40%.
Still have for example referred to as CPA affiliate programs.
In them for you will charge a fee for the impact, for example, a confirmation request of the user for a loan or check.
CPA affiliate programs at the moment are gaining popularity. This is even more true of banking products, for example loans.
Chances are you’ve heard about this familiar Bank Tinkoff.
He has his own CPA affiliate program.

2. As possible to make money on affiliate programs
This question bothers many people, especially those who only begins to find methods of earning Online.
Someone earnings on affiliate programs just enough for ice cream, and someone make a ton of money with a shovel, raising the hundred thousand.
Let me tell what is the dependence of earnings, or in fact, that it is necessary to arrange, in order to be welded by this method.
Finally, the torques acting on the amount of income from affiliate programs:
1. The quality (interestingness) of the proposal
The product or service, the partner of which you become obliged to be very popular and fascinating to buyers. Their must be adequate cost, quality and properties that will withstand konkurentnosti in the market in comparison with similar products.
For example, if you sell the phone for the affiliate program online store “N” and the cost is higher compared to other online stores, the chance to buy it will be smaller, in line with this, your likely income will be small.

Point 2. The number of services
The more services that you are promoting for the affiliate program (the range), the higher the chances that they will get. Or else, you will sell more products (services) per unit of time.
Point 3. The number and quality of traffic coming to the offer
To your affiliate link was Lida, you need to lure her tremendous size motivated guests.
For example, the fact that every hundredth visitor that clicks your link, order a product or offer.
During this time, it turns out, actually what you need to entice as a minimum number of 100 people for the 1st transition.
Read more about how to collect probable customers and how to announce your own affiliate link, read the appropriate section of the notes.
Point 4. Relevance (matching) of the proposal, the space of its host
In case you are promoting a training course on earning Online, but in this scenario, a private affiliate link to the forum on growing tomatoes which hang some people of retirement age, it is unlikely that you will be a large number of sales.
Continuing this idea — advertise your own link where there is a large number of interested people in your product (service).
It have all chances to be the specialized forums, notes on your blog on the subject, groups in social networks with a motivated audience.

Point 5. The value of the Commission
Pay importance to the value of the Commission through your affiliate program. Than they higher the percentage ratio, and in pure monetary terms.
In the trade this is called the average check, that is, the average earnings for 1 client.
At this stage, don’t forget about all the other causes, because if they are not fulfilled, before you receive a Commission fee is determined it will not come.
Find an affiliate program
It is possible to find various methods, but note we will consider a step-by-step method of finding affiliate programs to withdraw your earnings.
To get started go to the website and register.
The registration procedure is clear and not instinctively bound to cause almost no issues.
Continue running to the product catalog and elected the appropriate category.
Product catalog
Now read the description of the product elected more pleasurable.
In this pay care to the price of the product and the value of any commissions.
The cost of the product and deductions
For this, in order to ensure the adequacy of supply (product) that you want to announce, go on a selling product website and carefully learn it.
Hyperlink go to the website
To assess the adequacy (quality) suggestions for future work aspect — and would you do this product? Yes/No and why?
Only subsequently, this take on the final conclusion whether you want to promote it.
In order to add this product to your personal partner list, click “become a partner”:
Subsequently, pressing on this button you will see a window where you will see your own affiliate links.
Get an affiliate link
In case you intend to announce the selected product, you have to get an affiliate link, which will be considered as an indicator of this, actually what the customer came for your advice.
You will be able to elect one of the 2 links:
Hyperlink to the product page (selling page);
The hyperlink to the payment page.
Suggest for you to apply the link to the promotion page, such as in this case the likely customer will be the chance to see the offer the Creator of the training course.
Affiliate links
The advertised link
Finally, you have chosen an entertaining product, had the link and it was time to announce (to promote), so that through it was the realization and you start to make money.
Where and how to advertise affiliate link:

on to a specific theme forums;
on a personal or other website/blog (article);
in groups and public Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki;
with the support of the context and teaser advertisement that is configured through your affiliate link to the website of the Creator of the course;
creating a website (landing) and to announce in this direction, catching the traffic is ad-supported to it.

If the likely customer bought the product through your link, you earn Commission, the value of which was listed as “affiliate”.
Through a specific stage, for example a week, you will see how many products and how any times you have sold.
For example, you can arrange on their focus and the subsequent increase in personal earnings by selling more profitable products and by eliminating unprofitable.

Derive earned money
You earned the funds may be withdrawn manually or in automatic mode.
In the second case, the methods will be transferred to your Webmoney purse, and then earnings you will be able to give instructions at their discretion.
For example, to pay for products or offers through Online, withdraw its own funds for a Bank card (e.g., card) and cash them at ATMs.
4. The pros and cons of earning on affiliate programs
Dear reader, that you had the absolute picture of comparative earnings on affiliate programs, I decided to note the main outstanding qualities and defects of this method to obtain benefits Online.
Pluses “+” earnings on affiliate programs
Accessibility. Literally every person of average intelligence to owning a PC has the ability to be welded by this method and get the 1st funds in the foreseeable future (sometimes through a certain amount of minutes start advertising affiliate links);
Higher profits. On comparison with other methods of earning affiliate programs give you the chance to get a really good benefit already in the 1st day (from 100$ to 1000$ and more);
The probability to start with no investment (zero). For example how to advertise affiliate link on forums, Vkontakte, Classmates and other social networks for you will cost is nothing considering directly the time spent. It is your individual business, which really it is possible to detect absolutely no investment and zero begin to acquire a significant amount.
Cons of earnings on partner programs
The intermittency of income. Once you can with the same effort to make$ 500, and some affiliate programs will not bring$ 100. It is dependent on the seasonality of the topic and its relevance at this point in time.
Risk costs time and money (in the case of commercial advertising links). You make some effects for this, in order to make money. But not all of them is actually that they have every chance to deliver desirable outcome.
In case you get a skill — it’s not so bad. But will be at ease if you invest a large budget in advertising your affiliate links, and they do not discourage.
In order to transfer a minimal amount of money of danger, one I recommend to familiarize with the rules of the selection team (first place article), which I referred to causes that affect the amount of income from affiliate programs.

5. Answers to questions about earnings on affiliate programs
1. As possible to make money on affiliate programs?
This may earn from 1 dollar (no problems) to 5000$ (when you build a system of income, for example, having a personal vysokoposeschaemyh the website).
2. Where the computer finds out the fact that the resale was carried out according to my affiliate link?
Browser (the program through which you access the Internet) saves files in a special situation of recent actions of the user Online.
In consequence of this system every time exactly will determine where the user came and if he came through your link, made a purchase, you will receive your own funds.
3. Have all the chances if I do not pay Commission in case for precedent the resale was carried out through me?
Yes, it is quite likely, if the resale was perfect directly on your link (not through the service method of payments). During this time, on a theoretical level you have a chance to “throw” the Commission, taking all 100% of the acquired funds.
4. Anyone like a referral?
Referral is a user who register from your affiliate link. In other words, in your case — this is the companion 2 values.
To entice referrals profitable, as in the case of realization through his link, you still get affiliate commissions, but they are much lower than yours (Commission of the first level).
5. How to make money on affiliate programs with your own website?
In case you have a popular website with a tremendous attendance (several thousand people a day), then you will defiantly make it monetizing own notes affiliate programs.
6. Is it possible to make money on affiliate programs without a website?
Possible. For this you can apply the theme of your affiliate program forums, groups and pages in Vkontakte and Classmates, foreign websites coming on the topic of your affiliate program.
A single point is actually that all of these methods for you to become commercial, if you want to earn without a website.
Since the website is a source of free traffic (if it is long-acting and already promoted with the support of the seo articles), and in case of his unavailability, you will be guests, of which you will be able to focus on their own link.
But there is 1 thing that I directly tried it and earned 10 000 RUB..
The funds I earned by posting on the torrent gratuitous information product 1st popular Internet entrepreneur.
Inside I stuck a link to his commercial products. Due to this, the fact that gratuitous leap of course was quite a large number, some people took commercial products, and I was receiving a Commission.
It is possible to say, in fact that in a certain sense I have built inert earnings on affiliate programs with support torrent. Here, for example, still possible to make money without investment on affiliate programs.
7. Actually that is an aggregator of affiliate programs?
Aggregator affiliate programs is a website which contains a large number of affiliate programs on various topics. It is possible to say, in fact that is a directory of affiliate programs Online.
Just then they the easiest to find.
Here is a more well-known aggregators: affiliate link!

8. The end
If we talk about whether it is possible to make money on affiliate programs, the answer is definitely “YES” and this is confirmed by my personal experience.
In order to earn in such a way to choose an affiliate program to sign up for it and different ways to advertise an affiliate link.
Just go to the directory of affiliate programs (aggregator) and you will have a lot of options that you can advertise.
Earnings on affiliate programs is one of the simplest and most profitable way to make money online for beginners.
Moreover, you can earn as your website, without a website.
Seriously doing this business, you can earn tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles a month!
I wish you high earnings in the Internet!
If you enjoyed the article, put likes and share your thoughts on the subject in the comments.

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