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What is a domain?
Domain is an integral component of any website. Includes the name of the resource, as well as the expansion, which is also called as the area of the domain. That particular site got a domain, the latter will have to be purchased. The cost of the domain is affected by two factors.

The first is the name itself, which is the simpler, more expensive, and the second is its area. Mostly all the good names are bought up, and if there is the opportunity to purchase such that the seller will act as a mediator. It can set the price of any domain.

Recruitment domain – on what points ought to focus
Nowadays to buy a domain is not difficult. One has only to visit the ordinary of the Registrar, and where to get a name for your web project, and extension, paying with a credit card or from the account in the payment system. It turns out that to choose a domain should wisely.

A poorly chosen domain can cause problems with the promotion of the project in the future and its brand recognition. Experts advise when choosing to pay attention to the following points:

The extension or area of the domain.

The name should reflect the thematic focus of the site and be easy to remember. If attractive names for the web project was dismantled, it is possible to add in the title figure or more. By the way, if you are creating a serious website, in which major investments will be made, you can try to buy an attractive title for his owner.

The extension is the letters that come after the title and points. Their number varies from two to four. With the extension you need to decide according to what audience it is created. If citizens of one state, the corresponding. For example, for the Russian Federation to choose .ru, Ukraine .ua, and for Kazakhstan .cz. For web projects of the world level will do .net or .com.
For what period of time you can rent a domain
Planning domain to buy, you need to take into account that it gets the new owner not forever, just for one year. Thus, in essence, is to rent rather than purchase. In a year the Registrar will offer to extend the lease of the domain. If the webmaster is necessary, will be required to pay a further use of the name and the extension as soon as possible. Otherwise, the domain will be released within 3-7 days after the end of the lease term.