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Many site owners don’t understand why so few visitors. Felts from the fact that the site is young and a lot of competition, roofing felts something not considered in the work. There are some important rules and options that should be considered when promoting the site.


The first and most important rule is to make a website for people which means to make a semantic core, which will help attract more visitors. Next is the work with content which should be unique, interesting, relevant.
To understand how the website meets the needs of users, to collect statistics and conduct regular analysis on its basis. Where to start and how to do it, can be found on the website Calltouch where there is a lot of useful tips and activity templates.
What other steps are necessary to increase attendance
Work directly with social networks. Do not forget that a lot of users spends time only in the social. networks and from there can go to the website. So you can create an official group in Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, depending on the desired target audience.
We should not forget Email marketing, as time-tested tool. But it is suitable for real clients who remember the company when they receive a letter with an interesting offer or news. Don’t be carried away by the newsletter, it needs to be regular, but no more than 1-2 times a week. Regular mailings can increase conversion by 5%.
Good tool and are provided not only on the website, but on various forums, maps, directories. This affects not only the user, but rankings in search engines. Negative reviews are also advertising, but they need to work out. For example, to respond to the client that will be fixed some fault and he will get the discount. This will show that the company cares about what they think about customers.
A great tool is advertising, which can be placed in completely different areas, starting from social network to media advertising. This is a large investment, but also a good way to attract an audience.
If a is at a certain point there is no money to create one ad and wait for a miracle is not necessary. You might want to move on low-frequency queries, work with external links and posting on other niche sites and constantly improve your content.