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How not to make and promote sites – an example on Multi!

Как нельзя делать и продвигать сайты - пример на Мульти

I decided to write a post about this firm, because its so-called “experts” are still making attempts to hack this site. And I’ll just show how pathetic their own “creature” looks. Today we’ll talk about it by concrete example with all that it implies…

That’s what we’ll talk about today.

So the first screen tells us that people are trying to attract at least some traffic from social networks, and do it so unprofessionally that it’s just shame on us, not them! The first thing that catches my eye is the number of social networks, and the company is positioning itself as I2i, i.e. selling Chinese junk to FE customers (apparently they believe that FE customers are constantly sitting in Vkontakte and TikTok!!! :)))

Going further: the inscription on the screen forcing you to leave your contact number says a lot, like how much the person who created it didn’t care!


Tried to find shit in bulk on their site – failed through the search form, but succeeded later through the awkward navigation system (as will be clear from the screenshots!).


If you decide to visit the office in Peter, forget it – there are simply no signs on the door that this door belongs to this firm! i.e. in fact you have to spend money on the phone to find out where to go (although this is a rhetorical answer!).


The company’s news is dated as far back as February 2020, i.e. no more news besides the coronavirus either?


As for the English borrowing in the form of the “NEW” icon – you can affirmatively say that the design is crap, because either you make all the icons in the same language, or you remove them altogether (why the fuck would anyone know that the product is new, seriously? Or you’re selling CU in bulk on the site – where’s the logic in that?). If we’re talking about this product being considered “new” since February, then tell that to your UI people in the warehouse!

Let’s go directly to the products themselves: the decorator with attachments – are you serious? Clearly the designer hinted to you about the other purpose of this device, but you still put it out there… Kudos! Not much to comment on…



It’s easy to instantly sign up for the site WITHOUT FACEBOOK! At the same time, we are in a Vkontakte group – that is, registration may be instant (in a few steps – and it is unclear how many of them …), but the logic of entering from one network via another, apparently, only they will understand! Oh, and you don’t have to register to browse your community… (if you think that’s an argument!)


Youtube channel is similar to a general website in that there are few subscribers, little useful content, little information people need about anything. I suggest you watch their 1 video, maybe at least someone will like it!


In essence – they themselves don’t know which direction to go in, so they’re blowing everything, but their bald heads don’t have enough experience (or brains?) to catch up with one thing: the pro is the one who does, not the one who fucks up!”


Pinterest = 0 subscribers!


Mailru is 4 friends and 27 years old (no, not since the founding of the firm, just the age of the person who signed up via Facebook on Vkontakte…)!


TickTock = easy-to-read fonts + completely meaningless clips (though maybe I’m just not a fan of this new social network?)


Well, lastly, one more piece of data regarding wholesale sales… A site for I2i, so to speak!”


All of the above specific examples are mostly related to “promotion” on social media, but whether it’s worth sitting there, read there!”