JXi Forms – managing directories and production platform for creating different forms. There has never been so easy to create a completely custom form, or integrate them into existing ones.
JXi Forms

Even if you have any forms on the website, there is no additional difficulties for their introduction in this component – all you need is to connect them with the extension.
JXi Forms will help save precious time, generating content and increasing productivity, just driving a plurality of data which are located in the forms on your website.
With this component you can monitor data, status, agree on a plan of action, etc., the Installation occurs at an intuitive level, so you should have no difficulties.
The spectrum of activity of extension is very wide: the app includes accounts, invoices, file management, CRM, Commerce, events calendar, customer support and much more.
The component is free, and it means that this functionality won’t find anywhere else!
The ability to install an unlimited number of forms.
Interaction with the system.