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JV-ContentLinks is another extension that helps the site administrator to produce internal and external optimization of your project.

This feature also has other functions, which include, for example, the sale of advertising.
JV-ContentLinks dynamically creates links (converts keywords into links) in Joomla articles, blogs and several other systems.
In addition to the main direction of – sale advertising by placing it on the key words of the project, you can share the earnings with the writers and rewriters of your website. Thus, they will be rewarded for their work.
Integrated PayPal will help to collect payments from customers.
You can also import data from a CSV file.
The component combines structured data in a single system.
Allows site visitors to select keywords and pay for advertising.
Natural linking for search engines due to the transition keyword.
No need to know the PHP code to embed the payment system.
Check references, and if necessary, remove them after a specified period of time.
You can edit, delete links without entering into the articles themselves for their edits.