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JU Sponsors – display the sponsors in the form of a slider

JU Sponsors is an analog extension that allows you to display sponsors and any other data in the form of images and links to them. The slider is very easy to configure and can be placed in both horizontal and vertical position.
JU Sponsors

JU Sponsors

In addition, the module allows you to create custom themes, beautiful animation effects, multi-parameters, automatic image resizing, and to apply special filters to your photos, and much more.
If You are looking for a convenient and proper solution for mounting the slider, this module will really be useful as it allows you to choose exactly the settings that will quickly display the desired number of images.
Among the majority of such extensions in Joomla I have nothing worthwhile is not found, in addition to this module, so instead of having to search for hours slider, just buy this.
The responsive design.
9 animation effects.
2 format 3 themes.
Uploading photos via AJAX.
Resize images on the fly.
The quick setup.


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