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JU Directory – create directories (folders) on the website

JU Directory

JU Directory is a professional, megaeffektivnym, flexible, high-precision component to create directories and directories. With 12 additional types of data, tons of settings and parameters of the plugin, you can run any type of categories for your project: real estate Agency, or its sale, renting, business directory, list of cars, movie rating, yellow pages, travel guide, restaurant menu, etc. Lots of options after reading the documentation will arise in your head.
JU Directory

This extension allows you to set any directory or list of categories. Supports huge amount of data and extra fields.
Implement new services directly into your project, and then users will love you.
In the administrative part to determine and compare both the quantity and quality lists.
Large and diverse abilities of your resources.
The adaptive design.
User-friendly interface.
High data accuracy – tested with big directory of more than 100 thousand lists and 45 major fields.
The configuration can be rewritten in a top level category to create many categories in one component.
Infinite category tree.
Infinite lists.