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JSN Mobilize PRO – create mobile version of website

JSN Mobilize PRO is not only a practical solution but a great component that allows you to create versatile templates for Joomla mobile version of the site. Thus, you will have access setup to change the modules positions, the individual menus and beautiful themes.
JSN Mobilize PRO

Component helps the website to achieve maximum effect and display speed by organizing a new template that is designed for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.
A revolutionary extension guarantees the inclusion of new technologies and advanced data that is focused on learning code and various technical properties of the project.
OS support
Equipped with a discovery mechanism of mobile devices, JSN Mobilize can quickly determine which telephone number entered by the user. It is possible to create several profiles with their own settings appropriate for a particular device.
Fast download
In the component there is advanced options optimize both the images and the function of minimize scripts and CSS styles/JS. Thus, the download time is reduced and the visitors comfortably read your blog.
Intuitive operation with drag and drop
All elements can move and customize as you need. You don’t have to study the structure and code of Joomla to install the required positions for modules.
Live preview
Unlike other extensions, JSN Mobilize has a viewing function. When you configure settings, you can see how it will look before you apply the effects and its publication.
Flexible setup styles
To save design time user, the component comes with 6 predefined styles by default. You can also configure your own style, make it out of the modules. More than 30 settings – easy control and text input.
Fast loading website, sharpened by the mobile device.
Convenient control and a large number of effects.
Automatic detection of devices from which came the site visitors.
Changing CSS styles via the WYSIWYG editor.
Edit all CSS settings, and insert modules.
Support for the latest devices.
Friendly editor interface.