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JS Jobs is a useful component of selection work on Joomla

JS Jobs

JS Jobs is a complete component selection work on the engine, Joomla. Using it, you can always set the required parameters for employers, job seekers, etc. But all in good time…
JS Jobs

So JS Jobs is an extension for the business, industrial companies, as well as to control the operating staff. If you want people looking for suitable jobs directly to your website, this component will solve this problem.
JS Jobs allows you to run your own projects classified service where you or employer can advertise their works, and applicants upload your resume.
The component is available in 6 colors.
The employer can shorten the lists provided by summary.
A separate summary form for visitors.
Google Maps API for work.
Search by coordinates.
YouTube to work.
Summary can be exported to Excel.
Meta description to work.
Export CV in PDF format.
Multilingual support.
Change CSS style.
JoomFish support.
E-mail templates.
and much more…