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jQuery Easy Joomla plugin to optimize the code


jQuery Easy is a plugin for Joomla that allows you to optimize your website with the settings in the code. It is intended primarily for interaction with the Mootools library included in Joomla and required for the normal operation of your project.
jQuery Easy

What makes this extension:
Calls jQuery and jQuery UI from Google CDN but you can load them yourself.
Has libraries after Mootools, which gives better performance and compatibility.
Adds code to noConflict(), interacting with the jQuery code.
Cuts additional libraries that are automatically added when installing plugins and modules.
Allows you to select jQuery UI styles.
That you can configure using jQuery Easy:
Experimentally disable Mootools libraries.
To use or remove the plugin settings in the individual components, such as templates, pages, individual elements.
Use the activity report for extension for further analysis of his work.
To add or remove scripts and styles.
To exclude some libraries from the off.
To change the plugin default, for example, to add the code noConflict().
On the page of the manufacturer of the plugin you can find out the causes of errors when configuration as well as useful tips and recommendations for its use.

jQuery Easy

jQuery Easy

На странице производителя плагина можно узнать причины ошибок при его настройке, а также полезные советы и рекомендации по его использованию.

jQuery Easy