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jPop – module popup in Joomla


Let us consider the module pop-up messages in Joomla, where you can customize the text, link, and, if appropriate, the style of the window.


What is this extension?
First of all, it can highlight special links and content that the user should pay attention to.
Download the plugin, install the system and go to the settings component.
Here customizable parameters such as title, text, link, which will navigate the user clicking on a pop-up window, as well as the time in milliseconds to display the dialog box.
It is also possible to configure such a parameter, as a location on the page: top left, bottom right, etc.
After you have installed on the page you want this module, there is a question of Russification of inscriptions, for example, the button “close”.
This is done as follows:
Take the file jquery.notty.js that is in the folder with the module – yourdomain/modules/mod_jpop/js.
Open it with Notepad++ program or Adobe Dreamveawer.
Find by pressing Ctrl+F, the following data: close. PS In the code to have the following lines:
Change the “close” at your option, for example, “close window”.
Now most importantly, save the file, do not forget to convert the format to UTF-8 to support Russian language.
Replace the original file hosting the fact that just changed.