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The Jpanel module – sidebar in Joomla

The extension of a Jpanel is a unique module that allows you to make side menu/panel with the touch of a few clicks of the mouse.

Модуль Jpanel

In order to use this component, you need to understand the principle of its action.
So, you have the ability to display any module or article inside the sidebar that is very convenient in the limited screen sizes of smartphone or tablet.
You’ll find enough options of extension in order to turn your project into a full-fledged website with beautiful effects pop-up sidebar.
The ability to install multiple panels on 1 page.
Buttons in the form of text, images, HTML code.
Setting width, height of panel, and color of text, background, etc.
The selection display module or article inside the extension.
To replace the cover, follow the instructions:
Install the module, turn it on, in settings set position absolute or any other (depends on the Joomla template)
In the column Load modules from what module position? set the position my_sidepanel or what you like.
Go to the settings of the module that you want to display inside, and put him in the position my_sidepanel.


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