This article will discuss a validation of hypertext markup language XHTML in Joomla. About what is the extensible hypertext language and why you need it, you can read in Wikipedia

So, let’s begin!

The first thing I wanted to fix after the installation and configuration of components, modules and plugins in Joomla, this is the correction of errors in the system. This item is necessary in order for browsers to properly display my content (the content), and the documents met the technical specifications of the web standards . And just nice to see when you have no errors, right?

1. Validation module HD-Background Selector

After installing and configuring this module error occurs:
document type does not allow element “style” here …efer”>

should be replaced by:

The script has finally passed the validation, you must use the following special comments: for java:

for css:

3. Validating the Flash code:

Instead of a huge code:


4. Validation of the tag :

To make this tag you need the following:
]]> what you want to prevent Yandex index ]]>
And in the stylesheet add:
.hide {display: none]
5. General validation tags:

1. All pairs or single tags, no matter how you are used to writing in HTML, must be closed, for example:

Please note that tags are closed is so and not otherwise - instead of write . 2. All tags and attributes be written in lower case letters: instead of write .