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Management of system and required settings CMS Joomla

Настройка Joomla

All the data you will get in this article is intended for informational purposes only, so as to configure each individual and suggest different options.
Управление системой

The whole system Joomla fully installed but we have not set up the right way those components that are included by default in the CMS.
To remedy this situation, we need to go to the plugin Manager, plugins, templates, etc. and identify those extensions that we will use in the future. But about all under the order…
So first go to module Manager and note the status of the “Publish” only to those modules that we really need.
Thus, we eliminate visual access to the modules, and will be quick to navigate in this list.
I recommend to remove in the cart the modules you will use in the future.
Now go to the plugin Manager.
Here I have outlined just some of the plugins, which is not strictly necessary, and they can be disabled.
I also prefer fast loading of their sites, which means that any extra plugin can affect the loading speed of pages.
It is not recommended to use many extensions, as this leads to incompatibility between components, which also affects the subsequent analysis of the site.
Then go to template settings and set the specific options that are needed.
For example, when using the template that you are not very familiar, you can set settings by default.
It is necessary to consider many factors that affect SEO ranking of your website, but the main is the speed of loading pages. Without this factor, you will simply lose potential customers – not everyone is ready to wait for 2-3 minutes until it loads all extensions: plugins, modules, components, images, scripts, etc.
After the initial setup of all components is complete, test your site – maybe you have disabled a necessary element.